Online Ad Exchange AdJug Officially Enters India; Sets Up Office In Bangalore

by Paul Joseph on August 6, 2013 · 0 comments

AdJug , an online ad marketplace has now decided to have a permanent presence in the Indian Territory & will accordingly setup an office in Bangalore. Adjug operates in a highly competitive & rapidly evolving field of virtual advertising. Multiple companies are jostling for maximum ad impressions, which directly translate to ad & brand traction. Additionally, ad management agencies are trying to woo brand managers & owners with their multi-faceted products that can effectively convey the brand’s message across multiple platforms which include, but are not limited to social media websites, online publications, games, apps, etc. But, AdJug claims its auction-based method of offering ad impressions differs drastically from other mainstream players & their products. It claims, its process encourages transparency & offers maximum possible flexibility plus options in the hands of advertisers. In Adjug’s case, advertisers can choose exactly where their ads are displayed and then optimize spend based on how much they want to pay for traffic from a publisher. This arrangement even benefits the publications, as the publishers can define how much an advertiser pays for ad space. This offers a real valuation of what their traffic is worth, based on whether advertisers are willing to buy ad space for the asking price. In essence, Adjug’s platform ensures Advertisers are able to deploy their campaign which are often locked with predetermined budget & find publications that neatly suite their requirements. Adjug seem to be big in Europe and presently claims a firm association with over 1200 publisher sites and via such sites, the platform claims to serve more than half a Billion ad impressions. But India is clearly where the action is. With growing mobile usage and  internet content being given precedence over televised programs, ad management agencies & publications are presently eager to promote brand related messages. Let’s see how well this company does in the sector. Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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