Facebook Gets Even More Twitter-Like With Trending Topics

by Paul Joseph on August 9, 2013 · 0 comments

Facebook is reportedly testing Trending Topics with a group of mobile users. The news comes from All Things D . While not necessarily the case with all features Facebook tests, it seems reasonably safe to assume that this one will be expanded beyond the test phase at some point, and possibly beyond mobile. Facebook has been talking up ‘ public conversations ‘ lately, starting with the release of the hashtags feature earlier this year, and this seems like a logical next step. Obviously both of these features make Facebook more competitive with Twitter when it comes to the type of content and usage Twitter has to offer, which is essentially just that – public conversations.   Then there’s the fact that after all these years, Facebook just announced the launch of embeddable posts last week. This plays into this same theme of public content. According to the All Things D report, Facebook is even going out of its way to court celebrities and offer them incentives for choosing Facebook as their medium of choice to engage with fans. Also happening in Facebookland: Graph Search is now live for all U.S English users, and changes are being made to how Facebook determines what to show people in the News Feed. It’d be nice if Facebook users focus on creating discussions more and more on topics, and thereby drive more meaningful conversations on the site. At the same time, the search function needs to get perfect. When I search for someone, it always shows me everyone with that name, but I’d like to be able to filter on location, and other factors. It’s the dumbest search engine I’ve ever used. After all, Search will prove to be the basic factor when concerned with Trending Topics.  Image Courtesy |   webpronews Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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