Twitter Looking At New Research That May Rid It Of Spam And Fake Accounts

by Paul Joseph on August 16, 2013 · 0 comments

One of the oldest problems with the Internet is that of spam. Even after 2 decades of mainstream Internet usage, we have still not been completely successful in weeding out these people and bots. Twitter is no different. True, it is an extremely useful real time communication network which has also impacted many areas of business but it too faces the spam issue when it comes tweetbots which spew spam in addition to many other scams like buying and selling followers. All this may stop soon if Twitter adopts a new technique which researchers have been putting together since 10 months. Twitter is currently examining this new technique which reportedly crushed 90% of these spam/scam accounts in real time when they were being created. Since bulk account creation on Twitter may leave important traces like account names, time of account creation and browser identifiers, this new system flags these accounts as soon as they enter the system and labels them as fake and deletes them in the process. This research comes from the collaboration between International Computer Science Institute and UC Berkeley has already been beta tested by Twitter. The researchers reveal that more than 95% of the millions of accounts originating from just 27 scammers. These guys may be using automated scripts which generate account information during sign-ups and are tailored to Twitter. These fake accounts on Twitter are the result of shady dealings by merchants  who sell Twitter followers to anyone for a few dollars. Many famous people have already been caught with buying followers. There is no doubt that many so called celebrities and companies are actively buying followers to increase their ‘ social standing ’. This new system may actually kill all these activities and get us back to the good old days when increasing your follower count was not a big deal as long as you came across new and interesting people and content. You can get to know more about this new system by reading this PDF . Source | SC Magazine Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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