Facebook’s Latest Update To News Feed Will Try To Promote ‘High Quality’

by Paul Joseph on August 27, 2013 · 0 comments

Facebook routinely experiments with its News Feed for users. The latest released update though, attempts to refine the customization per subscriber and push more ‘High Quality’ content from pages and profiles that users interact with regularly. News Feed has always been a very mysterious technique that Facebook employed to deliver content to its subscribers. Since each user and his or her taste and preference is unique, it is inherently compulsory to customize News Feed. Facebook already employs a very sophisticated algorithm to generate a personalized and curated News Feed before enabling the display of the same on the News Feed of its users. Interestingly, since it is not possible to display all the content generated on the Pages to which the users subscribe, the News Feed is further curated and only a certain portion of the content is sent across. Now Facebook says it has tweaked this second-level customization and has tried to push only ‘High Quality’ content. Readers may be forgiven to think that Facebook is promoting High Definition Photos, Videos or posts that contain such visually and audibly pleasing content. But, Facebook has kept a high level of uncertainty by judging what is High Quality by saying it came up with the new method after “ surveying thousands of users on how they deem high quality content, folding the responses into a new machine learning system that was integrated with the master algorithm .” The updated News Feed Algorithm takes into account multiple additional factors which include quality of the page’s other content and the level of completion on the profile, when determining whether a post is high quality stated Facebook via an official blog post entry . Facebook has even claimed to have pilot tested the modifications on a “ small segment of users ” and witnessed a healthy rise in user engagement who additionally ‘hid’ a far fewer stories. As with such updates, Facebook will roll out the same in a phased manner and users may not be even aware of the same. Do let us know if you feel sudden enhanced attachment to the already popular Social Media portal. Image Courtesy |    howto.cnet Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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