Yahoo Attempts To Bolster Flickr With Image Search Startup IQ Engines

by Paul Joseph on August 27, 2013 · 0 comments

Yahoo Inc., the company that owns Flickr, is now trying to arm it with advanced features via newly acquired company IQ Engines . Though the price that Yahoo paid, is not immediately clear, the entire team will soon join Flickr’s team at Yahoo’s Office confirmed the company, “ IQ Engines is joining the Flickr team at Yahoo. As longtime Flickr fans and fellow photography enthusiasts, we look forward to working on improving photo organization and search for the community .” IQ Engines is essentially an Image Analysis company that has developed standards and techniques that methodically sift through images on an autonomous mode and the platform is intelligent enough to decipher many finer aspects of images including Facial Recognition. These aspects would surely come in handy for Flickr to compete against the likes of Facebook. Yahoo has been undertaking some self-analysis and rejuvenation exercises lately. Under the guidance of its relatively new CEO Marissa Mayer, the company has expanded majorly via the inorganic route. For Yahoo, Flickr was and still is one of the oldest acquisitions. Despite the success of Flickr, Yahoo appeared to have sidelined the same. Fortunately it appears, amidst rising clout of rivals like Pinterest and Facebook, Yahoo has realized its follies and is bolstering its sections, thereby trying to recapture its lost glory. Additionally, Google has clearly mentioned its intention to expand its focus to image sharing too. There seems to be another interesting correlation and intention behind acquiring IQ Engines. Yahoo is betting big on the Mobile Ecosystem to drive traction . People today are taking loads of photos/videos and regularly upload them on the multiple platforms out there. Yahoo can tactfully corner this huge and upcoming demographic and easily boost user count. This company meanwhile could offer detailed mapping options as the AI starts recognizing the many facets of the images. What do you think about the company’s intention of augmenting Flickr with such advanced tools? image Courtesy  |    it24hrs Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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