Facebook Spammers Rake $200Million Yearly By Posting Links On Facebook

by Paul Joseph on September 2, 2013 · 0 comments

Did you know that spreading spams on the world’s biggest social network is a separate industry raking money? Apparently, spammers posting third-party links on Facebook earn about $200million per year, according to Italian security researchers reports The Guardian . The research reveals that a single post that contains a spam link is worth from $13 to $58, depending on how many likes the Facebook page has. Andrea Stroppa and Carlo De Micheli, the leaders of the study, say that they analysed Facebook for phrases such as “ Hey click here for a free iPhone ” followed by a link to an external site. They also apparently managed to find sites where people offer to set up fake fan pages to post spammy links in. While many of us find Facebook spammers annoying, the spammers themselves actually told the researchers that Facebook tolerates their presence because they generate more hits for Facebook pages. Scam URLs are typically shortened down with Bit.ly or TinyURL links, masking their true destination. Almost 10% of these masked websites use AdSense for their money-making schemes, meaning Google is getting a slice of the profits too. The study showed that on average a page with 30,000 fans would get up to $13 per post and those with 100,000 fans would get $58 on average.  The research also found that spammers tricked Facebook users by setting up a fake fan pages and asking them to click on the links. About 20 websites were even discovered, where spammers set deals to post spam links on the social networking site in return for cash. A Facebook spokesperson told The Guardian: “ Protecting the people who use Facebook is a top priority for us, and we have developed a number of automated systems to identify potentially harmful links and stop them from spreading. Those systems quickly spotted these links, and we are working to clear them from the site now . Spams, hack, password breach are some of the internet perils that have plummeted with the growing user and internet usage. Simialr to Facebook, Twitter is also looking ways to get rid of spam and fake accounts. Image Courtesy  |   sparklingspur Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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