Indians Lead The Online Content Sharing Scenario: Ipsos Study

by Paul Joseph on September 5, 2013 · 0 comments

India slipped from 112 th to 114 th in terms of average internet speed this year as compared to last year but there is another trend that offsets this fact; Indians are among the people in the world who share the most content on the internet, both in volume and variety. The survey conducted by Ipsos iterates that nine out of 10 Indians that go online and carry out transactions in one form or another. The share of population comes out to be 88% which is aligned with other developing economies like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Indonesia. The top post holder was turkey where 93% of the population that went online, shared content with peers. India recently bumped Japan off and became the third largest internet population. India also is the third largest smartphone market. It can’t be stressed enough that it is an important factor in determining the rising demand of internet based apps and services. The Indian blogging audience grew 48 percent in the past year to 36 million visitors, while 26 percent of category traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets. The trickle-down effect spilled over to Facebook registering an upsurge in its mobile ad business and Indian app developers getting recognition at a global scale. Facebook leads the social login meter, ahead of other social networks. The Ipsos study suggests that Indian citizens under the age of 35 (92%) are most likely to share any type of content on social media sites. The trend is established form the fact that 60% of the mobile internet users in India are below 24 years, which is iterated in the report by and The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Advertisements and online digital content in form of picture sharing, video sharing and upload download and voice/audio sharing satisfies the information hungry young Indian. It is amazing to see this in a country where online censorship is being frowned upon and regulations are strict. The explosion of visual media on social platforms is evident. Social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have their primary sharing entity as the picture. The text or status is optional. Youtube is going big guns and many educational websites like KhanAcademy and Coursera have come up. A picture is equivalent to thousand words, but in this digital age, it could even be a video, a gif or an animation. Image Courtesy |   gadgets.ndtv Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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