Dell Launches A New Enterprise Tool

by Paul Joseph on September 23, 2013 · 0 comments

Dell recently launched a new tool called the Online Solutions Configurator for effective integration of the suite it provides as a corporate software suite. This facility will let partners collaborate better online and grow revenue. Focusing on the enterprise solutions, this tool lets partners create multipart customized solutions. This tool has dedicated sales support for full range of Dell enterprise solutions. The OSC tool reduces the time taken to build a solution, has the ability to provide insights into the data and can assist the customers with creating exact bill of materials required for projects and facilitates easier communication with different teams. The tool is an enhancement to PartnerDirect and has dedicated sales support for the full range of Dell Enterprise Solutions including Dell Storage, Servers, Networking and Converged Infrastructure offerings. What once used to be the forte of core data driven businesses like Oracle and Netapp, has now become one of the important operations of once hardware driven businesses like Dell. Oracle, with its own version of the configurator enabled telesales and similar channels for all the operations Dell is offering. Oracle has its own query-driven database system and it’s the owner of Java by acquiring Sun Microsystems. Today’s technology space is run by constant innovation and edge over competition.  PC manufacturers have been hit by the recent rising trend of tablets and smartphones. The technology market space is growing thin for such companies and they are being pushed to explore different dimensions to keep their business alive. HP, Intel and Dell are classic examples of it. Even Microsoft’s move to buy Nokia suggests that ‘change’ is the name of the game. Cloud computing has affected the way organizations arrange and retrieve their data. Metal as a service (Maas) bring the language of the cloud to physical servers and that enables easy integration of corporate services to servers. ERP specialists like SAP and Oracle are now to face challenges by the newer players in the market. Dell is all set to utilize the cloud side of computing. Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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