Sony Entertainment Network Collaborates With Mobicule Technologies To Get Live Inventory Report

by Paul Joseph on November 21, 2013 · 0 comments

Mobicule Technologies is going to help entertainment conglomerate Sony Entertainment Network ( SEN ) with its Ad Inventory Management. SEN has tied up with Mobicule to enhance efficiency of its sales workforce by offering them real–time information about ad slots on multiple SEN’s TV Channels. How will Mobicule assist in improving SEN’s sales force efficiency? SEN has multiple TV channels that it owns, manages and operates. Advertising on these TV based entertainment properties is its chief revenue source. The network relied on a highly archaic method of keeping a watchful eye on the available ad slots. This older model of Sony Entertainment Network included a coordinator, who would assess the ad inventory and communicate the relevant information to sales team through daily print outs or updates. Needless to say such a technique wasn’t accurate to the minute and was slow in generating and regenerating information about vacant or available ad slots and their respective prices. Mobicule has developed a cross–platform application that will collate, segregate and organize the relevant information in real–time and offer an up-to-the-minute updated status and statistics to the sales–force, confirmed a statement from Sony Entertainment, “ This application will enable Sony’s sales force to generate the available advertisements Spots inventory report and view the same on BlackBerry, Android & iOS devices, thereby increasing workforce efficiency .” The application is plugged–in directly to the core of the backend system, providing all required data to employees via their handheld devices. Further this platform is interactive and allows the sales–team to book or block a slot and the same is reflected instantaneously to others marketing personnel. This eliminates duplication or double–booking. Essentially, the app allows for optimum utilization of available resources and ensures transparency in operation, eventually guaranteeing a seamless operational experience. In addition to making processes quicker, the data is displayed in interactive and graphical representations, making the app user friendly and easy to comprehend. The entertainment industry has been getting a lot of attention. Majority of the same was in the direction of digital interface, meaning, a lot of content was being channeled towards the online and mobile platforms. However, this time around a mobile app and software company has ensured the TV media clocks higher efficiency.   Image Source | mobicule Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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