Twitter To Enable Relevant Ads With New Ad Product Called Tailored Audiences

by Paul Joseph on December 6, 2013 · 0 comments

Twitter has announced the general availability of their new ad product called Tailored Audiences. This has been in private beta for the last few months and has now been opened up to advertisers everywhere. Tailored Audiences is a way for advertisers and marketers to define their audience groups and get Twitter to show these customers relevant ads. The service involves data sharing between advertisers who have customer data and Twitter . Basically, advertisers can use Twitter to connect with audiences who have already shown interest in their brand or services. When a customer visits a brand website, their data is tracked via cookies. This browser data is shared with Twitter who can then use this data to send promoted tweets by the brand to the same user when they log onto Twitter. This is a form of retargeting and give brands the opportunity to customize deals and offers specially for some audiences so that there is a greater chance of engagement. Twitter says that this product makes sure that ads are super relevant to the user and thus will not be intrusive. The data is anonymized and the reports from Twitter will only give brands details on how many people viewed the ad and clicked on it. Here is a figure which explains the mechanism, The microblogging network says that it has seen some impressive results in the last few months since they started beta testing the product with select partners. Hubspot, the inbound marketing network saw an engagement rise of 45%, Krossover, a technology company say a 74% decrease in cost of customer acquisition and another technology company New Relic recorded 195% greater conversion rates. User Privacy: Twitter supports Do Not Track for audiences who do not want to receive ads based on tracking their data. It has said that it will be allowing privacy conscious users to opt-out of this targeting. Users can do this by unchecking the box next to Promoted Content in their Account Settings. Also, those users who have activated Do Not Track on their browsers, will not be receiving such promoted content based on browser tracking data. Twitter is taking great care to strike the right balance between advertisers and its users. While we’re not sure how well this will work, we can say that Tailored Audiences will definitely help businesses to increase their brand reach on the medium. The effectiveness of the product is theoretically sound but practical usage across the network may differ. Source | Twitter Blog Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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