Layer Might End The Fragmentation Caused By Closed Mobile Messaging Apps

by Paul Joseph on December 9, 2013 · 0 comments

Some months back, I wrote about my concerns with modern mobile messaging apps and the messaging silos that they were effectively creating resulting very less choice for users. I also spoke about how there would arise a need for XMPP/Jabber like protocols for modern mobile messaging because this fragmentation would curtail the growth of the messaging market. Now, there is reason for hope here! Layer, a company developing a new cross-platform and open mobile messaging backend has hired Jeremie Miller as their Chief Scientist. Jeremie is the person who first started work on the federated standard that came to be known as XMPP and Jabber. Simply put, it is an open and cross-platform IM protocol that allows users to communicate with each other, across different services. For many years using XMPP, Yahoo Messenger users could communicate with say, MSN users. Something like this is currently missing in the mobile messaging landscape. Mobile messaging is the successor to IM and a similar standard needs to exist in the space because of the increased fragmentation and competition. Due to this fragmentations, many users these days have to split their communication between at least 3-4 mobile messaging on an average. This makes the whole messaging process fundamentally broken. Jeremie has announced that he will be working on making an open communication platform which has values similar to XMPP but is tailored to the needs of the mobile generation.  The three principles that he is going to focus on are transparency, responsibility and inter-operability. Layer is a startup which is building an open communication framework or ‘layer’ which will give developers the option to add voice, text and video messaging capabilities into their apps in a quick way. Layer thus wants to be the backbone of all messaging, upon which all developers can build their communication apps. The advantage that this approach brings out is that now users plugged into Layer can communicate with other users even though they are using different communications apps. It is like using different IM clients to use Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo Messenger. If enough developers build this system into their apps, then I think messaging can be unified and still give users the choice in deciding what apps they want, instead of choosing closed apps just because their friends and family use them. Link | Layer Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

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